Modern Warfare (2019) review after a week of use (legit/closet)

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by shiiriko, Jan 13, 2022.

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  1. shiiriko

    shiiriko Member Customer

    Jan 4, 2022
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    Starting off, i want to say that EO is the first software i've used with MW/WZ & that i have no experience with any other MW/WZ software whatsoever.
    I've mainly used other gaming cheats in CSGO for years and the last COD i had a good gaming cheat with was MW3.

    After reading dozens of reviews on other forums, decision making about what to try out first was fairly easy.
    Everyone i knew recommended EO - even before i started playing MW myself.

    I'll categorize my review in features :

    Aimbot 11/10 :

    The aimbot is way more customizable than i at first thought.
    Smoothing works perfectly for my needs, just like the silent aim feature, which i mainly use for sniping (quickscoping e.g)


    Triggerbot 6-7/10 :

    The triggerbot is a little bipolar for me..
    sometimes it works wonders and at other times just not at all.
    This might be a user issue though, i haven't looked too much into it, but in some scenarios where it should've worked, it just didn't - i'll have to figure out why that was the case and maybe update my review with some footage of what i exactly mean.
    Therefore i can only give a 6-7 at max at the moment.


    ESP & Radar: 10/10

    Everything works as intended.
    It may not be the most customizable, but you don't need a ton of customization just to see the same thing a little prettier.


    Misc : ?/10

    I haven't used features like no-recoil/spread since i only like to legit/closet cheat at max - so me talking about any of those features would be pretty unfair.

    Colors: 10/10
    Same as ESP/Radar.


    Config System : 11/10
    I love it, it works like any other cheat i've used for other games.
    Years ago when i used them in e.g MW3, there weren't any damn config systems and i hated it.
    Very glad we got it here nowadays, works perfectly.


    Price : 12/10

    Very accessible for anyone that wants to try out EO, a little underpriced imo - but that's good for me i guess :D


    Summary :

    With EO you get what you buy.
    Everything that's advertised is in the software - depending on the user, you'll get even more out of it or much less.
    Most issues i read about people having seemed like huge user issues to me & i can only imagine with how much bs the EO staff has to deal with on a daily basis just because of other peoples inability to read properly.
    As I've previously mentioned, i only closet or legit cheat in MW - which has become much much easier due to the config system that's implemented.
    I haven't gotten any type of shadowban or regular ban(s) yet & had multiple high kill games (70-80kills +)
    For people that just joined the scene, i highly recommend to simply ignore the ESP/Radar features for now, since those are the features that are most likely to give away that you're cheating if you're trying to hide.
    The aimbot etc. is so customizable, that you must be braindead to seem obvious if you're actually trying to seem legit.
    Playing ''legit'' with walls just takes practice, so don't blame EO for getting you banned when you blatantly look through each and every wall.

    Thanks for reading my review & keep on owning.
  2. Enceladus

    Enceladus Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    May 11, 2016
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    thank you for the review. I'll go ahead and close this thread to prevent thread hijacking.
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