EngineOwning Spoofer

EngineOwning Spoofer

Our HWID (Hardware ID) Spoofer is needed, if your current computer is hardware-banned or you just want to prevent a hardware ban in future. It is the easiest HWID Spoofer on the market to use and due to its seamingless integration with the EngineOwning Loader, you just need to check a box to have your hardware hidden from anti cheats. Our spoofer also has no impact on perfomance. The EngineOwning Spoofer is also not limited to one single game alone - It supports various game titles!
Spoofer is easy to use

Just hit the checkbox at the bottom and you are good to go.
Your new spoofed hardware identifiers will stay the same until you press on "New Hardware".
Spoofing is not permanent, it will stay spoofed until you restart your computer or you uncheck the checkbox.
You are in full control!

Fully Supported Games

  • Call of Duty: MW2 and Warzone 2.0 (2022) (Ricochet Anti-Cheat)
  • Call of Duty: MW and Warzone Caldera (2019) (Ricochet Anti-Cheat)
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard (Call of Duty Anti-Cheat)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War (Call of Duty Anti-Cheat)
  • Battlefield 1 (Spoofer not needed if you use EO)
  • Battlefield 4 (Spoofer not needed if you use EO)
  • Battlefield V (Spoofer not needed if you use EO)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II (Spoofer not needed if you use EO)
  • Spoofer might work for other games not listed above. Use at your own risk.

    Unsupported Games

  • EasyAntiCheat protected games
  • BattlEye protected games
  • Spoofer works wonders! I tried a few other providers and couldn’t seem to get past being banned. When this one was introduced for such a cheap price I was skeptical about it. Thank goodness I bought it I won’t ever look anywhere else! And the coders are always here to help along with the mods. These aren’t your typical gimme your money and run coders, these guys care about our input!

    - Lord Dizzle

    Very simple and easy to use, spoofed all serials of my hardware really easily and got me unbanned in only 2 minutes.

    How to use

    After your purchase, you will see that our Hardware ID Spoofer has appeared at the bottom of your EngineOwning Loader.
    Just tick the checkbox and the Hardware IDs will be spoofed
    Unticking the checkbox or restarting the computer will unspoof the Hardware IDs.
    Because the spoofer is standalone you can also use this if you want to play clean without cheats.
    You can now safely close the EngineOwning Loader: Hardware IDs stay spoofed until you decide otherwise!
    It is non-permanent so it won't damage your computer.

    3 days


    • VIP Forum Access
    • Downtime Compensation
    • Unique Builds
    • Freezable Subscription
    30 days


    • VIP Forum Access
    • Downtime Compensation
    • Unique Builds
    • Freezable Subscription
    90 days


    • VIP Forum Access
    • Downtime Compensation
    • Unique Builds
    • Freezable Subscription

    System Requirements

    • Windows 10 x64
    • Windows 11 x64
    • Insider Previews are not supported
    • Virtual machines are not supported
    • Cloud gaming computers are not supported

    Supported Platforms and Anti Cheats

    • Battle.net - Supported
    • Ricochet Anti-Cheat (CoD) - Secure
    • FairFight - Secure