Frequently Asked Questions

Please temporarily remove the latest windows update or the latest windows security patch.
It will be automatically supported later.
  1. Open Windows Settings > Windows Update > Update History
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click 'Uninstall updates'
  4. Remove all updates with the latest 'Installed on' date
  5. Restart the computer
Your windows clock is not synchronized.
  1. Close the Loader
  2. Right-click your clock
  3. Click on 'Adjust date/time'
  4. Under 'Synchronise your clock' press 'Sync now'
  5. Restart the Loader and try again
Note: Cloud-gaming solutions are NOT supported. There wont be a refund as this is mentioned on the sales page.
There are currently four solutions to this error:
  1. Disable VBS (Virtual Based Security) (click here for tutorial)
  2. Disable Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox
  3. Download, extract and run this script
  4. If none of them works disable Core Isolation > Memory Integrity in the Windows Defender Settings
To be able to run our Hypervisor follow these steps:
  1. Disable Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox
  2. Go into BIOS. To do this, press the BIOS key for your specific PC/manufacturer when you see the pre-boot screen (the one that flashes when you first turn on your PC). The key is usually F10 or F11, but you may need to look up the one for your PC.
  3. Make sure Virtualization/Intel VT/AMD VT-X (may be called any of these things in BIOS) is enabled.
  4. Save and restart your PC.
  5. Go Start > Turn Windows Features On or Off > Uncheck Windows Hypervisor Platform.
  6. To check if you did it correctly and to improve performance, run this tool.
Your Loader probably worked before and suddenly showed this error after injecting.
  1. Close the Loader
  2. Go to the Clear Cache page
  3. Click on 'Clear My Cache'
  4. (Optionally) Restart your computer using the restart option
  5. Start the Loader and try again
Disable SecureBoot, Antivirus and Windows Defender
Your Loader probably worked before and suddenly showed this error after injecting.
  1. Close the Loader
  2. Go to the Clear Cache page
  3. Click on 'Clear My Cache'
  4. (Optionally) Restart your computer using the restart option
  5. Start the Loader and try again
There are currently two solutions to this error:
  1. Disable SecureBoot in BIOS - How to
  2. Leave the Insider Preview of Windows 10 - How to
Check if one of the following applications are either running or installed:
  • FaceIt - How to remove
  • ESEA Client
  • Avast Antivirus
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Riots Valorant AntiCheat (Riot Vanguard)
  • AIDA64
  • BattlEye
  • EasyAntiCheat
Please try either uninstalling or closing them.
There are currently five solutions to this error:
  1. Restart your PC
  2. Run our runtimes installer - How to
  3. Press Windows key + r and enter "cmd", press enter and then proceed to enter "sfc /scannow"
  4. Clear your cache in the userpanel - How to
Disable any kind of Antivirus/Firewall.
There are currently two solutions to this error:
  1. Uninstall Hypervisor based security like some Antivirus Software (e.g. Kaspersky, Avast...), disable Core Isolation in system settings and Device Guard in the Windows Defender Settings
  2. You are using Kaspersky or Bitdefender? Follow these instructions - How to
Due to technical reasons, we cannot support Insider Previews or Beta Version of Windows.

Please update or downgrade to the latest stable version of Windows.

The Loader can not properly read your user-config file delivered with the executable.
  1. Download a new loader here
  2. Open the just downloaded archive with WinRAR, 7Zip, WinZIP, etc...
  3. Extract both files from this archive into a new folder like "C:\EO\"
  4. Try again by executing your Loader's .exe
In any case, you can always open a support-ticket and an admin will assist you.
Your computer is missing the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Download and run our Runtimes Installer from here

Please open a new support ticket with a screenshot of the error here.

We have a number of security measures in place to protect the integrity of our systems and our software from reverse engineering. If our automated systems detect an integrity violation or unusual behaviour, your EngineOwning account may be permanently banned. In this case, requests for refunds are rendered void.

We are interested in ensuring that all our customers feel comfortable with us and that no one is unfairly disadvantaged. We want to resolve problems in the interests of all parties involved.

If you are truly convinced that you have not tried to manipulate our systems, you can contact us via Telegram or email and describe or explain the problem. If you cannot provide a convincing explanation, we will have to keep your account banned.

You have to use DS4windows to emulate an XBOX controller. It's easy to install and doesn't have any downsides. Users using an XBOX controller do not need to use DS4Windows.

Get DS4Windows

If the Call of Duty anticheat (Ricochet) suspects you of cheating, you won't be able to find any normal lobbies.
This does not mean the cheat is detected. That happens with and without cheats.
When shadowbanned, your ping will go up to 200ms (or higher) while searching for a game.
Most of the time you won't be able to find any matches at all, but sometimes you will only find matches with other shadowbanned players.
Shadowbans are usually only temporary and last a few days.

Here is a list of tips on how to not get shadowbanned:
  1. Never use suspicious settings, like 0 Smooth Aim or 100 FOV.
  2. Statistics like headshot percentage and accuracy are being tracked so be careful with those.
  3. If you use a non-aged account please note that getting too many reports can get you shadowbanned rather fast.
  4. Prefer playing legit when a player spectates you.

If you get shadowbanned while having the spoofer on (for raging/too many reports etc) just
open the Loader and generate a new HWID with the button on the lower bottom of the Loader.

Note: The spoofer will only protect new accounts from being instantly shadowbanned. It cannot remove existing bans.

Our coders are working on the update, unfortunately we can't give you any estimates on the time needed to finish it.
All subs are globally frozen until the cheat is back up.

You can check the live status here

Alternatively, you can join our telegram group to get live notifications.
Join our Telegram Group

In case you encounter any problems with the cheat config or the cheat settings follow these steps:

  • take a screenshot of affected settings in the cheat menu
  • take notes about what you had expect to happen and what happend instead
  • open a ticket containing all information from above here

Follow these steps to hide the cheat from recording software like OBS:

  1. Start your recording/streaming software (such as OBS or xsplit - note that geforce experience is not supported) before starting the game.
  2. Load the cheat and start the game.
  3. In your recording/streaming program, select the game recording option.
  4. If you use OBS, make sure to disable "Use anti-cheat compatibility hook" and "Capture third-party overlays".
  5. If available, set your game to use "exclusive window" mode.

Attention: Keep in mind that the preview in your recording program might still show everything, but your stream/video will be clean.

Video Tutorial:

To hide the cheat overlay from MedalTV recordings follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Clips & Recordings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom
  3. Find "Advanced Window Capture" and enable it like shown in the screenshot.

Looking for Legit and Rage settings?

Click here for the Config Collection

At the current time, we only support controller natively for
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

For any other game try using third-party apps to rebind your controller keys.

Your HWID is used to identify your computer and to make sure only a legitimate person can run the loader.

In case you upgraded your computer or you permanently switched to a new rig, your loader will ask you to reset your HWID.
After confirming your intended HWID change, a code will display. Copy it.
Right after clicking OK, a web page will open and will ask for the code.
When entered correctly, our staff team will review the request and may ask for further information (old system components).

Do not request a HWID change when it is caused by a third-party spoofer. We do not reset spoofed HWID.

HWID resets can not be requested by a support ticket. This process happens automatically when the Loader asks you to perform the reset procedure.

In case you are already HWID banned, remember to
never start the game without the spoofer enabled or your account may be shadowbanned or completely banned.

Your payment probably failed but the pre-authorization on the charge is not yet lifted.

Payments can fail for various reasons.
In case you see a statement from us on your bank statement but your subscription was not activated your payment probably failed.
We never charge for payments that fail in the end. While checking-out, your bank checks if the charge will be covered by your card or funds, so it reserved the exact amount to be withdrawn later.
Normally, your payment will be successful after a few seconds and we receive the money (your subscription is activated).
If your payment has failed, your reserved (pre-authorized) money is given back to you by your own bank automatically. This can take up to 7 days.

In any case, you can always open a support-ticket and an admin will assist you.

If you sent the correct and asked amount of crypto, you probably sent Binance-pegged coins on a wrong blockchain.

Binance offers a low-fee alternative to transfer crypto that should be avoided.
They let the user decide what Blockchain should be used to transfer coins. Binance defaults the selection to their own Blockchain.
By choosing their Blockchain, they will also send their own crypto-variation of the coin.
For example: If you do not choose the coin-native Blockchain (e.g. ERC20 for ETH) while withdrawing coins, Binance will send "Binance-pegged coins" on their Blockchain.
We can not access those.
You need to contact Binance for further assistance. We cannot help you in this case and your funds are probably lost.

See this video for more information about this Binance issue:

In any case, you can always open a support-ticket and an admin will assist you.

We do not recommend sending transactions from cryptocurrencies exchanges/web wallets including but not limited to CashApp, because transactions from exchanges get sent after a significant delay and sometimes the exchange charges a fee from the sent amount.

As a result, transactions often arrive too late (when the invoice has already expired) and / or not enough amount is sent (so the invoice is underpaid). This is why we recommend using one of many opensource wallets, where the sender controls the exact amount sent and when the transaction is sent.

Furthermore, you do not control your own bitcoins when using a web wallet, so you introduce counterparty risk and thus negate one of the main benefits of cryptocurrencies - to be in full control of your own money.

In any case, you can always open a support-ticket and an admin will assist you.

No. We do not auto-renew any subscriptions!

If you want to continue using EngineOwning and like to renew your subscription, you need to actively buy it again in the shop.
You can buy as many subscriptions at once as you like. The subscription-periods will cumulate.
For example, buying 2x 30 day subscriptions at the same time will result in one 60 day subscription.

In order to write in our Telegram group, you need to link your Telegram account with your EO account.

Please click here to link your Telegram account.

Click here to join our Telegram group.

Your Telegram account was either banned from the group or is blocked by antispam. Try again later.

Some issues like payment problems or forum account limitations need human support.

In case your problem is not covered by this FAQ or needs individual support, choose one of the options below.

For any problems regarding payments, account issues, subscriptions, etc.: